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Factors That Cause Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a disorder of depression and mania experienced by the same person. Called disturbances because the feelings experienced are often not in accordance with the atmosphere that is happening. Well if you belong to that class then it would be great if you immediately consult at to get right handling. Apart from that, here are some factors that affect!

1. Biological factors
The existence of the disorder is caused by abnormalities in chemicals in brain nerve cells. This imbalance is shown, among others, by the patient’s response to drugs that work on the nervous system.

2. Genetic factors
Individuals with a bipolar person have a risk of 15-30% to also suffer from bipolar disorder. If both parents suffer from bipolar, the chances of 50- 75% of their children will be bipolar as well. In identical twins, the risk of 33-90% of twin brothers will suffer from bipolar. A total of 10 – 15% of families of patients with bipolar disorder has experienced an episode of mood disorder.