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Softball Game Technique

Softball is a game played by two teams. Each team consists of 9 people. When the hit team gets hit turns, the pitcher from the defensive team must use the technique of throwing the ball towards the loudest hitters, so the ball cannot be hit, so that it can be caught by the catcher. For that, you need a good bat. Visit softball bats 4u to find out.

The attack team got their turns to hit each other. The defensive team tried to turn off the team members who got hit turns. The teams that get their turns get a chance 3 times to die (out) before the turn hitting is replaced by the surviving team.

The score or run is generated from a runner who runs on all the bases in a row and back on the home plate. The successful runner who surrounds and step on home plate gets one point. In every softball game, the duration of the game is 7 innings or 2 hours long time. The winner of the softball game is the team that scores the most (run) numbers in a given inning.