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Tips on Packing Goods While Moving

Make sure you pack all the items in one room in the box with the room label to facilitate the process of disassembly. Start packing by room, and pack small items first to move the room. Mark and seal each box so you can find items as you move. bellevue movers will also be facilitated if you do so. If they provide excellent service, they will place items according to their label in the appropriate room.

Unload large items. Place the hardware in a thick Ziploc plastic, depending on the contents and room of origin, then place all the plastic in the box with the correct equipment, eg L lock, screwdriver, pliers, etc. This step will make it easier for you to unpack the item when you have moved. Make sure you save a box of hardware and tools in a place that everyone can easily access the assembly process. Place earplugs for video, remote control, nails, and other things you’ll need as soon as the move is done in this box.