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Futsal Field Type

How many types of futsal field do you know and have you tried? Have you used the usual field in accordance with the provisions of the basic rules of futsal FIFA? If we see there are various kinds of futsal field used in game or futsal game, starting from international official game or game which only done at futsal field rental place in our hometown. For you, futsal lovers and who want to do futsal field business is very important to know this futsal field type. And the following explanation about the various kinds or types of futsal field and its advantages and disadvantages respectively. Beside of that, you can visit our website to see the best futsal ball review.

1. Vinyl
This futsal vinyl field is commonly referred to as rubber because its base material resembles a soft rubber surface. This type of futsal field is one of the most favored by fans of futsal sports. This is because the material is soft so it makes us more easily in doing rescue actions especially for those who like diving.

2. Parquette
This futsal field is more popular in Europe, Latin America and less popular in Indonesia. This type of field has actually been used long enough and is usually used in Sports Arena. Some basketball courts are also many who use this material because the field material itself is made of wood that is able to reflect the ball well.

3. Taraflex
This type of field is at first glance almost the same as the Parquette but this material is from polyethylene or compacted plastic seeds. Although the material is plastic the field is mat and comfortable to use, so it is not easy to fall.

4. Plastic Carpet
This type of field has the same basic material as the type of teraflex field, which is polyethylene. What distinguishes both is futsal field with this type consists of many sheets that can be dismantled pairs that make this field has a high economic value because it is easily moved and has a long endurance.