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Natural Color Becoming Carpet Trends on Muslim Feast

The carpet with natural color becomes a recommendation during Muslim Day. The green color is a recommendation because it coincides with Muslim Feast that closely with the shades of green color. The colors brown, blue, white, and ash are also a recommendation for the selection of other natural colors on the carpet. Not just the color to watch out for, another thing to note is the cleanliness of the carpet. You just wash it every 6 months in a professional carpet wash like you can find at

Regardless, the use of natural colors can easily blend with other interiors and create a lighter impression. Not recommended the use of black on the carpet. The use of black color gives the impression of weight at the bottom.

Carpet as a decorative element can beautify the interior appearance of the room to be beautiful and interesting. In addition to its function as a floor coating, the use of carpets can also create an atmosphere of space, especially the living room that became the center of the big family gathering during the Feast Day. Some points must be considered in the selection of carpets, one color.